Prilep and Macedonia World Cups


2021 FAI World Cup Competitions
for the Free Flight Models Aircraft

Twenty one year since the first world cup competition

“Prilep World Cup - Trophy of Prilep”
(Prilep airfield, October 2nd, 2021)

“Macedonia World Cup”
(Prilep airfield, October 3rd, 2021)

“ Another terrain is possible. The final notice is September 25th ”

 Open International competition for:


- F1A (Gliders) - Seniors & Juniors
- F1B (Model Aircraft with Extensible Motors “Wakefield”) - Seniors & Juniors
- F1C (Power Model Aircraft) - Seniors
- F1P (Power Model Aircraft) - Juniors
- F1Q (Electric Powered Aircraft) - Seniors & Juniors

EURO Challenge

- F1H (Gliders) – Seniors & Juniors

FAI Drone Sport - World Cup

“Phoenix Drone Racing - Trophy of Prilep”

(F9U - Radio controlled flight)

Prilep - Sport stadium, 9 - 10 October 2021

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